Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Liv turns four

This is my baby, can you see her? No I can't either cause she is a BIG FOUR YEAR OLD! Boo Hoo! She was so stoked with herself and when she woke up just kept saying "I'm four, I not a little girl anymore I am a big girl" so chuffed with herself - didn't even think of pressies till we reminded her!

We celebrated her birthday with lunch and ice cream at Mum and Dads, and as you can see she enjoyed herself completly. Check out the dodgy face paint by your truly!

There is some cool stuff happening over at LSBS over the weekend, as usual Cath won't say what it is but i know it starts with an online party @ 7.30pm. Should be fun!

Hope your all having a lovely day.

Love Lisa


Karen L said...

Gorgeous photo of your girl Lisa - hope she had a wonderful birthday too.

helenj said...

she is soooo cute lisa
give her a big aunty helen hug!

Celestev said...

4! My little girls turn four this year too. Where does the time go??