Thursday, March 15, 2007


Well what more can you say? Bad photo (taken indoors at night!) but you get the general idea.

Poor Lilli accidently got hit in the eye with her brothers cricket bat, and it wasn't pretty! It looked even worse the following day, her eye swelled up so badly she sould hardly open it. But she still wanted to go to school because it was crazy hair day!

Her friends at school were so sweet and soooooo concerned for her! Love that she has great friends. I made sure I spoke to her teacher, I was worried they might report me to DOC's! LOL her teacher just laughed at me! I am just thankful there were no stitches involved!

Weekend is almost here and I can't wait! Liv will be turning FOUR! OMGoodness that has gone all to quick.

Gotta Run,

Love Lisa


DeanneSM said...

oh dear. poor baby!! Hope she feels better real soon

Steph said...

Ohhh even with a shiner she still looks GORGEOUS

Celestev said...

It looks dreadful! But I get that carzy hair thing! Hallie had been puking her guts up, but still insisted on going to the prep teddy bears picnic today! I kept her home for half of it at least!

Anonymous said...

Ouch! Poor baby! Though it almost looks like she's smiling? Little girls are so tough aren't they? Sh'e still a doll!

helenj said...

poor little Lilli....she is still a beautiful angel even though she has a black eye!
love you lots Lilli!

tara said...