Friday, October 19, 2007

Art Journal

I have been thinking and thinking about staarting an art journal for AGES. I did actually start one about 18 months ago and found it difficult, I was trying to do what I *thought* you did in an art journal!

Anyway I had an epiphany last night! I only have to do what I want to do :) and it feels so good to be experimenting with paints and inks again, chopping photo's and using my own handwriting.
So here are the first two entires

Loved, just sticking my photo's down with paint and stamping over everything, finding "old stuff" to use. hmmmmmmmmmmmm feels good just to create for creating sake.

Happy friday everyone !

Love Lisa



kris said...

brilliant! i love it!

Princess Tamara said...

This looks really cool, Miss Lisa - you are a clever chookie!

Shan said...

Totally fab Lisa...enjoy creating just for you (but still share with us) :)

Celestev said...

Clever girl you! They look great!

helenj said...

Nice work Lisa
Your a special girl:)