Tuesday, February 17, 2009

and this girl turned 9

Yep, my valentine baby turned nine. I can't beleive my little spikey haired baby girl is so grown up!
Lilliana is the quiet one in our family, you could say that she is shy, but we don't use that word in this family.
Sometimes she gets frustrated with the NOISE in this house, and people not hearing her. That's when she throws it!!! I am constantly reminding her that she does have a voice, and I want to hear it. It is pretty tricky sometimes.

Lilli loves animals, and makeup, and bling :) She mothers her sissy, and looks up to her big brother. She is thoughtfull and creative, and loves spending time on her own on her bed reading.

This girl healed my heart after losing a pregnancy. In fact she was conceived the next month! I spent her whole pregnancy worried and still greiving for the lost pregnancey, but the moment I heard her cry I knew everything was going to be ok.
Lilli is loved to the moon and back. She brings warmth and joy to us always.
Love Lisa


Marg said...

OMGoodness that is just beautiful....I can feel the love....
P.S she is a very pretty girl!!!
luv marg x

Princess Tamara said...

Wow Lis ... there are so many similarities between your girl and mine. Really touching!!

Happy birthday gorgeous girl!!

kerry said...

Oh happy birthday to miss Lily.You do have a lovely way with words Lisa so touching and heartfelt.Take care Kerry xx

Rachel said...

Happy (belated) birthday Lilli!

Hey Lisa, I too lost a pregnancy and then the next month fell pregnant with Ethan :):)