Sunday, February 08, 2009

This boy turned 12

Yep, he is now a twelve year old and highschooler - and funny enough it isn't making me feel old :)

Jere loves reading (I mean obsessivly, three books at a time), soccer, computers and playstation, he is a talented drawer and he has a photographic memory - which is scary!!! He loves anything to do with history, and visiting the museums in London seriously "did it" for him. His fave movies are the Pirates of the Carribean triology, and

he asks for Nachos every night for dinner....which he doesn't get!!!!

His health has been a battle for years - since he was six. He has ongoing and lifelong kidney problems and last doctors visit we found a kidney stone! He struggles to put on weight, and we have had two "C" scares - one very very serious. Praise God that we are in the clear now.

He is his daddy's boy although they are as strong as eachother and sometimes butt heads (not literally). Jere is loved beyond measure. We are blessed to have him.

Oh and for the record - his name is really Jeremiah - which by year 4 was shortened to Jere (pronounced Jerry)

Love Lisa



Melissa said...

HI Lisa, My name is Melissa and a friend of Helen's.She may have mentioned me to you,
I wish Jere a very happy Birthday, and cross my fingers that he stays more C scares.
Take care. Melissa

Marg said...

A big Happy Birthday to Jere!!!!!
I think it is so cool for boys to love books!!! so good for them....
Hope his health stays clear forever now!!!!!
Nice photo Lisa .... and glad it doesnt make you feel old....
luv marg x

kerry said...

Hapy birthday to your boy Jere.They do grow up to quickly dont they.I hope he has a really great year and stays healthy for you.Take care Kerry xx

Rachel Greig said...

Woo hoo! His birthday is the 8th? That's such a cool birthdate!! ;) Happy Birthday Jere!!!

Scrapsister said...

Beautiful post Lisa! he is just gorgeous.
I've tagged you on my blog...excited huh!!