Thursday, February 11, 2010

Back from a break

And hasn't it been a busy one?  Christmas, New Years, Aussie Day, Back to school.  It makes me tired just thinking about it all.

Throw in my Birthday, Ruby's birthday, friends over, changing of rooms, painting, sorting throwing.  No wonder I havn't have the chance to sit and blog.  I was also having MAJOR perfectionist issues with the look of my blog (LOL) everytime I opened it I saw the old photo's of the kids, a background that needed changing and I just couldn't be bothered.  So I didn't.

But FINALLY I got my butt in gear and made some changes, still need to do more, but it is much better.

I am totally excited to say that I am OFFICIALLY part of the Scraptherapy DT.  The team is fabbo, and I am so happy to be a part.  So head over and check it out, there are some wonderful challenges this month and a cybercrop coming up too.

I did this layout for the January Sketch Challenge at Scraptherapy I LOVE this photo of Livinia on her first day of big school last year, and it was nice to finally scrap it, with some yummy Sassafrass Lass. 

And I can't end this post without saying a huge happy birthday to my Boy, Jere who turned 13.  Oh dear!!!!  We bought him a guitar for his birthday, and were so thankful that my Dad is an AWESOME guitarist and knew exactly what to buy him.  Dad is also teaching Jere for the first 12 months and has promsed that he will buy him his first electric guitar if he practises hard this year.  YAY for great Poppy's!!!!

Here is my BOY  TEENAGER .... so excited with his gift.  I grew up with a dad who is a guitarist and a brother, and I gotta say the sound of someone tuning their guitar still makes me want to rock in the corner :)  But I am looking forward to Jere learning his instrument and making some pretty cool music with his Poppa and Uncle Kris.

Till next time...



Moira said...

Great to have you back ...
Guitars are awesome.

helenj said...

Hey chickie, Jere looks very chuffed with himself doesnt he?
Congrats on your new position at ST im sure you will be very happy :-)