Tuesday, August 08, 2006

I want to STAMP!!!

Did you ever have one of those days when you know if you actually had the time to be creative, your mojo wouldn't let you down??

Well that is how I feel today, and of course I have a zillion other things to do and won't get to my desk at all.

I am trying to organise my photo's for Kiwi scraps and as per usual I have left it to the last minute, might have to do layouts without photo's - i hate that, cause then they just sit on my desk unfinished for months. grrrrrrr.

I am doing a workshop with the beautiful Mishelle Lancett and Kim Archer in a few weeks, it is going to be awesome - still have to do my demo - but I am really looking forward to it. Class is fully booked out and we even have a waitlist! ( 23 people booked!).

This is half a layout I just found on my putie! Just love thoses grubby boots. Liv got into my powder and also some windex and had a wonderful time in it all I must say. She smelled just Lurvley!

Thats all for today, back to the housework. Booooo Hooooooo.

Love Lisa


lusi said...

Hi Lisa!
Just popped in for a visit! :)
Love that lo...know what you mean about just gettin the itch to do something specific.
Your upcoming class sounds great too - way to go!
Lusi x

Princess Tamara said...

You can send some of that mojo my way Lisa, I'm feeling a bit mojo-less tonight! Stumped on the blue challenge ...