Monday, August 21, 2006

Kiwi Scraps

Well what an amazing few days, I have come home tired and exhasuted, but ready to scrap my little heart out.

Alli Edwards and Donna Downey were pure inspiration, both so different, but both equally as wonderful. I love the whole " life art" concept, I love how they both encouraged us that nothing is wrong with the way we scrap but everything is right, it was really freeing ( if that is a word).

Helen and I had a total blast, I am soooo glad she came all the way from Far north queensland so we could scrap together!

Met some lovely new friends and some old ones ( hello Kell).

None of my projects are complete - did you think they would be?? But as I finish them I will put them up.

On another note altogether, I came home to my poor Livinia throwing up and with high temps etc - straight back into mum mode!

And to top it all off my dad who is in china is in hospital with a DVT (deep vein thombosis - blood clot), we are praying that he will be able to fly home as scheduled on saturday. The doctors are looking after him really well, but I really don't like the idea of him being in a hospital where they don't even speak english!

My links sidebar is looking so sad, I just havn't been bothered with it all, but that is my goal this week to actually add some friends!! LOL - so keep a look out for your name to appear!

My poor DD is calling from the loo - so I am going now!

Love Lisa


Jasmine said...

Hi Lisa

I hope that everything goes well for your dad and he's able to come home on schedule.

I've been reading a few blogs and it sounds like Kiwi Scraps was awesome. Can't wait to see your creations :)

Jas xx

Scrapmanda said...

Glad Kiwi Scraps was a blast but shame to come home to sickness. HOpe your Dad returns safely to Oz.

seana said...

Hi Lisa
Hope you are ok. I have signed up to this for blogging so we can chat. We are reallly praying for Klyde at the mo. What a shocker. We are also thinking of you guys having numurous health issues. Ruby is doing well and really coming to life now. She is such a character. Seems that she is left handed as I discovered over the last few days. She loves blueberries and saying "oh no".
Give your beautiful kids a big kiss

Neal said...

Are you the Lisa Pate from PBG?

Lisa Pate said...

Ahhhh, No I don't think so! cause i don't even know what PBG stamds for! LOL!

Anonymous said...


Hope your dad is doing better now.

Cant wait to catch up really soon!


Kelley said...

PMSL!!! Glad to see your weekly goal went well cause your links are still looking pretty boring there Miss Lisa!! PMSL!!
Waving hi back too!! LOL!!
Kiwiscraps was soooo much fun - cant wait till next year!!