Thursday, August 10, 2006

Nothing is ever impossible

I love these words -

Would you believe me if I said "that God can make miracles happen today"

Would you "believe me if I said "that you don't have to wait for the answer before you step out in faith"

Would you believe me if I said "nothing is ever impossible for God"

When I look back over the past 12 months of our life as a family, these words are soooooo true.

God is a God of the impossible - I have a son alive and well and I am reminded of this everytime I sing these words at church. Jere is a total picture of health - nothing short of a "wonder boy" - one day I will blog more on that.

On other news my dad is in china at the moment doing mission work he will be away for three weeks, and I always an anxious when he goes. I know that God is looking after him, but that doesn't always stop me thinking of the very real danger that he is in. I am so PROUD of you dad.

Still havn't done my photo work for kiwi scraps and I need something like 20 photo's.

On a really funny note, I have been stressing for about 2 months cause my beloved digi SLR wasn't working properly. I finally took it to the shop where I bought it so they could organise repairs and you guessed it as soon as the guy looked at it it worked PERFECTLY! What is with that?? I felt like a total idiot, seriously it wasn't working at all at home and as soon as he trys, it works?? he must have thought I was such a dumb chicky????? LOL - was pretty funny though.

That is all tonight - MOJO is still rocking so i am going back to my desk.

see ya,



Princess Tamara said...

I love that song Lisa - I'm glad He's taking care of you, and I'll keep your family in my prayers.

Sal :-) said...

Hi Lisa, I've just come across your blog and had to say "hi". Your love of God & his love for you is incredible. My kids have just learnt the memeory verse for Sunday School "Nothing is impossible with God" It's music to my ears to hear my 3 yr old say it too :)

God bless & I pray he watches over your Dad.

Hugs, Sally

Kelley said...

Hey Lisa!!!
Thought i should come and say hello - Since you told me too!! PMSL!
Cant wait to read your kiwiscraps update!