Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Hello Friends

I am so thankful today for friends, you know the kind that would DO ANYTHING for you???
I spent the weekend with my bestest bestie Helen in Cairns, and we had such a hoot. But what I love most about this girl, is that not only do we laugh till our sides hurt, but I can have a "moment" and she just knows the right things to say. Love you chuffy :)

We also drove into Cairns to meet up with Relsi and Honey wine, you girls are so much fun. And we met a few other new friends while we were visiting. Shouting a big hello to Belinda and Kerry.

*yes I will update links soonish* LOL

and some very exciting news.

My coolio muso brother, has released a new single which you can download for free here

His blerb "The full release pack includes two mixes of the song, an iPod ready version of the music video, and the artwork. Just download it, unzip it, and enjoy - and then tell some friends about it or facebook it to help spread the word. On the website you'll also find some news concerning rumours of a full album project too. Yippee!"

So get downloading!!!!

Some work to share - most of it oldish, but hey what the heck :)
This layout was in SM a month or so ago. I forgot to buy a copy! LOL silly me.

These are in stamping and papercraft, either this issue or next? Can't remember!

and these lovlies were in the last issue of stamping and papercraft and one was even on the cover! Cool Hey????
Love Lisa


helenj said...

Love you my darlin girl too!
That made me blub!!!!!!

Love the cards and that LO is awesome

Cant wait to see you again already!!!!!!!

My scrap room is way too quiet:(

Belinda Venables said...

Hey there...Loved meeting you too.
I love it when you meet someone who has such similar tastes to yourself.
Lovin' your layout and your cards...way to go!
I did see a journaling feature in the free mag that came with this months SBM magazine too. looks fabulous!
Isn't it funny that now I have met you - I am seeing your name everywhere! lol
Have an awesome day.

kerry said...

Lisa your layout and cards are fab.So glad i met you too you are so sweet.I also saw that article in sm and thought now i know who that is.Have agreat day take care kerry xx

Princess Tamara said...

Jealous of you too ... sob.

Ok, off to download - can't wait!

Narelle said...

Hey darl!

It was so great to catch up with you twice in less than a month! How lucky am I?!!

I had such a great laugh with you and Helen- next time it needs to be longer!

Love you sweetie.