Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Loving PS Actions

I know, it is a way to "cheat" with editing your piccy's :) But it is sooooo much quicker!!!!

So I am haing fun, surfing the net for freebie PS Actions, if youknow any good sites, let me know! LOL

I *LOVE* how this photo turned out. I loved the photo anyway, my girls floating in the ocean on their boards, chatting away, and their scute little bots.

Too cute.
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Tania B said...

Hi Lisa, your blog is looking great! I've seen your cards i the mag and was chuffed for you and your little girls' digi layouts in SBM, it's awesome now that I am starting to get to know some names and spot everyone's work! Great challenge for the CC by the way and see you over at LSBS, it was great meeting you in Cairns too!!!

Belinda Venables said...

Yep - I admit it...I'm an action junkie

It's nice to put an action through a pic and then tweak it to be 'yours' iykwim. Then you do get a look like no-one elses...:D

Enjoy your day.


kerry said...

Hi Lisa ,great pics of the girls love the actions too.I have just started to do this too.take care Kerry and also the layouts and cards look fab.

helenj said...

Looks awesome!!!!!