Monday, May 26, 2008

where has the time gone?????

Look at my babies!!!!

Jere went to his first "youth event" in Newcastle on Friday night ( made me feel so old). He has an awesome time, came home minus his wallet ( which I half expected!) and also minus a molar tooth!

It was so cool to see him so excited, and dressed all spunky :)

Miss Lilli is again proving that "hormones" are ruling the little vixen! LOL - she is such a sweet, shy thing - then bang. Miss monster appears. We were heading out the door on saturday, just me and the girls to a birthday party 30 mins away and we were running late, I had to get petrol and a pressie. I asked her to get into the car, to which she answered "Muuum, I havn't put my lipstick on yet" What the?????????? ahhhh, neither have I honey.
and Miss Liv, is spelling words out phonetically ( sp?) and doing her sisters year 2 maths homework - I seriously feel sorry for her Kindy teacher next year.
Thats all for now!!!
Love Lisa


Belinda Venables said...

Lisa - your kiddos are so adorable and look so much like their mumma!

Madelin use to have the same hat as your DD's - I loved that one. I should look in a box somewhere - I'm sure she would still have it here.

Chat soon.


kerry said...

Hi Lisa thats funny i have posted mt post yesterday with a similar Your children are adorable and they do get worse as they get older .Have a great week .take care Kerry xx

Tash Allen said...

gotta love those hormones! lol. such gorgeous photos... love the colours

helenj said...

I remember Lilli sitting on her blankie when she was only 6 months old and we had our scrapping days together!
they were the days hey? lol
stuff the housework!!!!!