Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A New Hobby????

From this pile of cut fabric

To this block of a quilt :)

So is it a new hobby??? or perhaps a revival of an old one???
I have been avoiding and avoiding quilting/patchwork for years, because I knew once I started it would soon be a new obsession. From a very very young age, I have been facinated with sewing. I will remember my mum ( a non sewing type) teaching me - at about age three - how to sew by hand with a rather large darning needle.

My Nan is an amazing woman with a sewing machine, and I spent hours at her home, sewing. She always encouraged and helped.

But alas, the general busyness of life and the other little hobby I have ;) made me put my machine away and just ohhhh and ahhhhh at other peoples creations.

So I was just admiring other peoples work like Janelles , and NOT STARTING another hobby


Well a trip to Nundle did it :) OMG I was in fabric heaven and came home with a very naughty amount of fabric!!! Enough to make three raggy quilts ( one for each kiddies) and I signed up for a block of the month. It is by Natalie Ross in Stitches and it is proving a very quick learning curve!! You can see what it will look like here. I have done both block one and two ( well minus the applique!) and will be starting block three hopefully tomorrow.

ahhhhhh, can you smell the new fabric??????? LOL!

Love Lisa



Belinda Venables said...

I am a HUGE fan of Janelle's stitching - isn't she amazing!
Love your stitching - I wish I could sew...:(

I look forward to see more of your creations.


kerry said...

Wow taking up quilting again Lisa thats great.It has been along time since i have got the machine out to quilt .I only sew on pages these days.I agree Janelle is one amazing lady on the machine.Looking forward to seeing more.take care Kerry xx

Natalie Ross said...

Hi Lisa,

It is wonderful to hear that you are multi tasking with your hobbies! It is sew nice to see you are entering back into a wonderful past time! Thank you for being part of my BOM. Enjoy the journey
Natalie 8-))

Deanne Stewart-Mills said...

noice!! I am a quilter too!! Welcome to the other addiction!!!!