Thursday, May 15, 2008

Time for a share

I realised today, that for the volume of work I produce for LSBS and the mags, I actually don't put much up on my blog!
So beware, I am going to start uploading some work :)
and some exciting news! Both my girls are excited to be published in this months SBM!!!! They both have a digi layout ( that they did 18 months ago) and can't wait for their cheque!!!!

The gorgeous Miss Liv

My brother and his baby girl Ruby

Miss Livinia *finally* asleep!!!

Having some fun with my brother and our kiddies when he was visiting from England!!!

and lastly if you want a giggle - this is my SIL in the middle of London during her lunch break! Too cool Seana :)

Love Lisa



Belinda Venables said...

Fab layouts Lisa - way to go!
I look forward to regular shares...:)
Love love love that clip of your SIL...what a crack up. I did have a giggle - thankyou.
Enjoy your weekend.

kerry said...

Hey Lisa great layouts glad you are going to update more often girl.take care Sweetie.Kerry xx

helenj said...

Seanna is a dag!!!!
Very cool dag though:)

Great Layouts Chickie!!!!