Saturday, October 18, 2008

More Museums........

Our kids just love love love museums...........

doesn't matter what kind, they just LOVE them

We visited the natural history museam a couple of days ago, they just adored it especially the dinosoar exhibit and the "stuffed animals" LOL!!!!

We have also visited the science museu which was really great - no photo's from that though, I was getting a little sick of carrying my camera everywhere - and just didn't feel like the pressure of taking photo's really!

The kids (and us) are doin really well, and loving everything.......the kids are missing having a backyard though, and the girls tend to wander outside barefooted and in T-shirts to "play" in a very small courtyard. Funny Things. We went to a little cutie place called Chiswick and stopped in a churches' grounds for a bit of a rest and a sanga, and they took off like they were crazy, running, chasing, enjoying the space. Funny.
Justin has booked us into hotel on tuesday (just him and me) in the heart of London and also booked us into one of Gordon Ramsey's Restaurants - I can't wait!!!!!
Till next time!


Ally said...

Oh Honey thats so romantic... your kiddies are so funny wanting to run and play in the backyard.. the things we take for granted here in oz..LOL
Jakey is taking lots of steps now..
Miss you

Allison said...

Wow, you guys are having a ball!
I've sat on those lions in Trafalgar Square too. And I can't claim I was a kid when I did it, either... just acting like one!

Anonymous said...

Oh you lucky thing! Make sure you share (and take photos) of Ramsay's restaurant! Oh i'm so jealous! lol

kerry said...

Wow you are still having such a fab time .Those photos are awesome.Have fun in London on your night out maybe you will get to meet Gordon.take care Kerry xx

Billing family. said...

You're getting some wonderful shots there!! Well done. Great that you are all having such a good time (although I'm sure the boys could have done with out the tummy bug!)

Shelee said...

Wow I've just found time to catch up with your amazing adventures! How nice that your kids love museums! Your pictures are fantastic by the way. ENJOY it all!

Luv Shelee :)