Monday, October 06, 2008

The British Museum

Yesterday we headed on the tube to the museum..... we braced ourselves because it was raining, and armed with jackets and rain covers for the pram... of we went.
And had a fabbo time. It was awesome. So much to see. So many people. The museum was a beautiful building, high ceilings, gorgeous light. Beautiful.
I was panicking when I realised that when I put my camera in my bag it had my 50mm lens, not my everyday all situations one. But it was such a blessing in disguise, because I got great shots inside the museum of both the kids and some of the artifacts.

That's all for today!

Love Lisa



Narelle said...

Amazing photos from the museum! Looks like that lens was meant to be on this time!!

Missing you heaps but loving the blog updates! ]

Have a blast beautiful girl!


Tracy said...

What gorgeous photos Lisa :) So glad you are enjoying your holiday.
Look forward to your updates...
take Care
Tracy x

helenj said...

The museum is such a cool place!
glad you and the kids enjoyed it
It was raining when we went too!!!!!!!!!!
Plus we got there too early so we got drenched!!!!!!!!

Have a wonderful time chickie........stay safe and dont forget i love ya xxx

Bon said...

Sooooo jealous, I would love to go to the British museum, so many Egyptian artifacts. Looks like you are having a great time, miss you heaps.

Rachel said...

What great photos! Sounds like a really interesting place to visit, maybe one day I'll get there! So glad you are able to keep us up-to-date on your travels!

Miss you,

Allison said...

Oh those kids just keep being gorgeous! Glad your holiday is going well.

kerry said...

What beautiful shots you have of your children.I hope you are having agreat time.take care Kerry xx

Shan said...

Don't let that rain stop you honey...get amongst it ;)

The museum sounds awesome.