Sunday, October 12, 2008

Big Days

That's what we seem to be having.................walking, exploring,walking!!!

Enjoying local parks -Lilli is a huge fan of the "round a bout" something that we don't see much of here in Aus. The faster the better :)

So we have visited Harrods - what an amazingly beautiful store. Had a trip around the city in a open top red bus. More museams, art gallery's, parks, shops loving it all - even if we are so so so so tired!!!!

The Girls in Harrods, with a "friend"!!!!

Jere playing super man :)

and lastly, the girls playing roller coaster at the back of the open bus around London ( they also sang, "London Bridge is falling down" at the TOP of their lungs while riding over it!) - bit of a spot the aussie moment!!! LOL

Off to Notting Hill Tomorrow :) Can't wait.

Love Lisa



Shan said...

It all sounds very dreamy honey :)

PMSL at the girls singing on the bridge....they are so your DDs!

Can't wait to see pics of Notting Hill....say hi to HughG for me ;)


Ally said...

sounds like your having a ball honey!!!

How funny at the girls singing.. and i love jere being "superman".. such a boy thing..

Miss you millions

Love you

Deanne Stewart-Mills said...

Great photos Lisa. How much fun can you squeeze into one holiday? Heaps by the looks!

kerry said...

Looks like you are all having a fab time.The kids look so happy.Keep enjoying every moment.take care Kerry xx

helenj said...

Hey chickie!!!!
Glad you are having a ball
lots to see and do in London hey?
Have a Caramac for me please

Love ya loads