Sunday, October 05, 2008

Good times.............

yep, that's what this trip is all about.
Chillin' with family. Playing with Roobs. Just enjoying being together. So good.
Here are a few of my fave photo's so far (and there is going to be hundreds!)

We bought Roobs a DS today :) She totally loves it, and has been playing it all day - just like the "big kids" - cooking mumma is the game of choice. So nice to be able to spoil her, can't wait till they move home.

More photo's tomorrow! LOL

Love Lisa



Ally said...

Woo Hoo your there... Those pics look unreal.. how wonderful being able to spend some quality family time togethor..

Miss you millions sweet friend

Shan said...

Keep those pics and updates coming Miss L. Enjoy every minute :)


kerry said...

good to see you are having a great time Lisa.I love the pics from behind very nice.take care Kerry xx

helenj said...

Glad Roobs loves her Ds.........she is such a cutie
will be great for her on the plane:)

Love ya safe!