Wednesday, October 15, 2008

more adventures

I am so behind in keeping everyone up to date with what we are doing here in England, sorry :)

Here are a few piccy's to keep you going.....kiddies in Trafalgar (SP?) Square...this has been one of Jere's fave things.....He was so looking forward to seeing the statue of Nelson (Such his Daddy's boy).

We have had a few days "down time" cause we are all tired! I just needed a day to blob so my joints would start playing nice, and poor Jere and Justin got a tummy bug, all good now though.
Tomorrow we are heading to So -Ho and to pick up some tickets to a couple of musicals - should be fun.
Love Lisa


helenj said...

Hey chickie!
Glad to see another update of the many adventures of the pates:)

Miss you loads


Deanne Stewart-Mills said...

I am enjoying the updates and photos too!!

Love the pic of Big Ben!


Carol (honeywine) said...

enjoying your travels - keep them up Chickie


kerry said...

Wow that pic of big ben is fab.Sounds like you have been going non stop.take care Kerryxx