Tuesday, February 27, 2007

I've been creating :)

So, i didn't quite make the seven day challenge to blog everyday? But I have been blogging so at least that is better than not at all.

I HAVE been creating though, seems I am finally in the swing of things again which is really nice.

WE all went to the dentist yesterday which was POOEY. I didn't have to have anything done for a change but poor Lil has to go back and have some work done on one of her "big girl" molars, I feel sick at the thought of it. She has some kind of weird "enamalation" it is cause by her tooth not forming correctly in her gum, probably from a high temp or something. Anyway it isn't good and ther have to drill it away and cover her tooth with silver until she is old enough for a crown.

I still have memories of work I had to have done as a young child and I am going to be hard pressed to keep it together for Lilli - anyone know some good bribes????

Still house hunting, we found a beeautful house on the weeked and are waiting to here back from the owners who are being PAINFUL with regards to negotiation - I think they think they are playing hardball, they havn't met Justin yet!

Anyway, Liv is having a tantrum beside me cause I gave her hand a smack ( she keeps pressing the esc key ) Better go and give her some loving!

Love Lisa


Tara said...

Love the layouts!

Elisha and I have just done some crafts about the fourth day of creation... he's happy to leave me on my own for a while now. :)

helenj said...

nice LOs lisa the journaling!
glad you have your mojo back to find mine!

Kelley said...

Good to see you blogging again!!! Love the LOs Lisa!!!