Sunday, February 18, 2007

still here !

Ok - I admit totally budget photo! But these cards are in this months "simply stamping and papercraft" and they are on the front cover and they are featured in a section with my bestest buddy Helen! Love that. LOL - I did a sneaky I sent her cards in without her knowing! LOL - she is soooo talented, and so humble, I think she has no idea how talented she is, so I set myself to get her published and the very first stuff I sent in was accepted! LOL very very good stuff :)

So I went to what I thought was my last shift at work, then decided if I could just work one day a week and the occassional sunday, I would be fine. And guess what- It was and I will be working one day a week, which is just awesome for my scrap stash ( and Caths shop!) and I get to rest one day a week whish is awesome for my body!

Talking about my body, I ran into someone today that teaches pole dancing! Yepm, I was very very intrigued and think I might even give it a go! LOL I have a dance background ( taught for a couple of years) and this sounds fun and it isn't hard on your joints and I bet it is bloody funny as well, so I will let you know!

Phew, and I thought I would have nothing to say every day!

Love Lisa


Tara said...

Lovely cards. Very sneaky sending in her stuff, but I bet she was thrilled.

helenj said...

yep im glad you did send in the cards matey....thanx luv!
now about the pole dancing