Thursday, February 15, 2007


Well it seems that i just don't blog like I thought I would, so I am setting myself a challenge to blog every day for the next week??? Sounds crazy? Perhaps, might be a tad boring for you as well!

Cath, has set herself up a blog and it looks amazing so go and check it out! ( when I add the link of course!)

Nothing and everything has been happening here. Jere and Lil have both celebrated birthdays, mum and dad are in England and I have had to leave my job, cause I was just too sick.

But all is not lost, more time to scrap and stamp and generally just be nice to me!

The girls started dancing yesterday and they acted just the way I thought. Liv was ready to go and couldn't wait to get in there and shake her booty, Lilli was much more reserved and had a few tears but she LOVED ballet, so we will be back next week.

I will leave you with some photo's of the girls.


helenj said...

ksngiikvlook at them, they are so cute
liv is concentrating so hard!
my gosh lisa look at lil she is a stunner
absolutely beautiful
glad you have more scrap and stamp time!!!
that reminds me i really must figure out my blog!!!!

helenj said...

sorry about 1st post dont know where all those letters came from!!!!!!

Princess Tamara said...

The girls look gorgeous babe ... they take after their mother, obviously!!

Glad you've got more time to indulge your passions - loving what you've been doing lately!!

Ally said...

YAY Honey your back blogging.. I had almost given up on you!!!

Your little girls are so adorable.. go Miss Liv- concentration is right there

Shame about your job but your health is the most important babe! Lets catch up soon ok

love ya tonnes


Louise said...

Hi Lisa
Glad you are back blogging. The photos of your girls just gorgeous.
Look after yourself!
Cheers Louise :)