Saturday, February 17, 2007

here again :)

Yep, I am even amazed, trying desperatly to keep this blog up and running. Three days of post's LOL - and you are probably bored ;)

Mum and Dad are in England visiting Kris and Sea and Ruby. Poor mum is sick with a soft tissue infection in her face :( apparently it is very very serious and she is dosed to the eyeballs with medication. Strange illnesses are seriously a common place thing in our family. Kris also has a middle ear infection, so they all sound like they are having a fab time! Not! Hopefully they will all feel better soon.

Mum and Dad actually left last sunday and I have got to say the scene at church was really just bizzare, with people in tears because they were having a break. What is it with people? I am sorry if that is harsh, but I just don't get it. I mean Seriously they are only going to be gone for three weeks people. Being a PK ( pastors kid) has made me a little harsh I s'pose. It all just made me feel totally suffocated, I mean these are MY parents leaving, and MY KIDS grandparents - what is with all the tears? and acting like I should be sobbing?? they are coming back for goodness sake. GRRRRRRRRR

anyway, apart from my PK angst, life is good ;) My scrap room is painted and I am just putting everything back in order. Noice.

See ya tomorrow!


Tara said...

I'm not bored. :)

I'll say I don't get the tears either... sounds like they don't go away often enough. lol

Hope your mum is better soon. What a bad time to get ill.

Love the layout btw.

helenj said...

glad the scrap room got painted, did you do the furniture too?
make sure you post the pics for us to see
hope your mum is feelin better now
sucks going all that way and getting sick poor thing
im not bored with your blog either!