Thursday, February 22, 2007

Yukky Toilets :(

LOL - the joys of house hunting! No we arn't moving yet, we might not even move but we are looking for another house for an investment ( or perhaps to live in! ).

I went to inspect a house today, hmmmmm, the agent said "it may be a little messy, they didn't tidy it before they left this morning" Well that has got to be the BIGGEST understatement of the year so far. It was a PIGSTYE, I am not talking a little messy it was disgusting. The worst part was the toilets ( all three of them) with big poo "sliders" on all of them - EWWWWW to much info?????? I wanted to vomit. LOL - needless to say there will be no offers from us on that one!

Had the pleasure of visiting on of my best mate jackie today, some people are just so genuine and so real it is a joy to be around them, that is Jac. Love her to bits.

Hope your day has been great! off to get my little sweeties to bed.

Love Lisa

**BTW** I have starting spreading a little "warm and fuzzies" around my friends blods, so if you get a strange "I love you post" it's just me ! LOL


Jasmine said...

So glad you've updated your blog Lisa!!! 'Bout time LOL How gorgeous are your kids. I love the story about Liv and her special prayer - too precious :)

helenj said...

sounds like a nice experience visiting that house today.....there are some real FERALS out there arent there?

Tara said...

Yeah, that is gross

Karen L said...

Guess some people really don't want to sell their houses hey.

Hope you have better luck with the next house you look at.