Friday, February 16, 2007

are you shocked???

LOL - I am two posts in two days ( though not yet updates the links).

Nothing is happening here at all today, all the kids are at school and I am so bloody sick with RA I can't do anything. Feel crappy and sore.

But on a positive note, we did buy some paint to paint my NEW scrap room (actually it is the same space just with walls now!) It is a really nice yummy aqua kinda colour. YUMMY. that means my space has to be pulled apart, moved, resorted and put back . GRRRRRRR. Look out ebay. I am determined to sell, give away anything that I don't use or need anymore.

Also bought some nice new linen for out NEW room ( same thing, same space - just has walls now!) lovely choccy brown colours - ahhhhhhhh love love love new linen

BTW - have you checked out the new comp running at LSBS???? Seriousy it is awesome with briliant prizes up for grabs. check it out Here LSBS COMP

I will leave you with a layout, I have been scrapping up a storm and getting into the paint again, Love that.


Tara said...

Oooh, must show us some pics of your space when it's all organised.