Monday, February 19, 2007

out of the mouths of babes!

Hi there people!

Well today really the same as any other with a drama thrown in, but if you have read this blog for any length of time - that seems to be my life!

Off to the optometrist for a checkup cause she was concerned with some spots on my eyes, spots still there and she thinks there is more :( on the spot she gets me into the eye specialists and they squish me in. You know that feeling you get when a doctor gets you into a specialist's office the SAME DAY, when normal people can't get in for 6 weeks??? Hmmmmmm...... but to cut a long story short, my eyes are fine and the iritis is a past case and not active which is just fantastic! still have to keep a watch ( ha!) but it is great news.

My beautiful Liv, is such a funny girl. We were putting htem to bed tonight and I asked her about "christians" and I specifically asked her " who do christian's love??" her answer "apples!" ROFL - justin and I were serisouly laughing. Thankfully Lilli set the record straight ;)

So then we started talking about God and Jesus, and asked Livinia "is God in your heart??" and suddenly it struck me that although she answers Yes, she hasn't ever said the Prayer. And if you are a Christain you know what I am talking about!

So we ask her "do you want to pray to Jesus to come and live in your heart?" and she said yes, and I thought I was going to cry and so sweetly she repeated Justins prayer, and that was that. Sooooooooo good, I am still smiling. Such a beautiful thing.

Hmmm, nothing much else. Mum is getting better. I had some wonderful news from a friend today, that made me cry with JOY. Love that. And I know you are reading this special friend and i love you too! :)

Thats enough love for tonight!



helenj said...

lisa that is just beautiful!what a little darling
glad your mum is feeling better too

Ally said...

Hi Honey

What a beautiful little lady you and J have..

Love you tonnes