Thursday, September 13, 2007

The quest for better photography

Its such a mix isn't it, good light, great subject, decent camera, perfect spot, perfect moment, aquick click and a bit of editing in photoshop :) all that has to line up right for a great photo.

Phew ... no wonder I take heaps to get one good shot.

So I have set myself a goal one great photo a day! It makes me play with my camera, look for different things and keep working out the photoshop beast! LOL

So this is my effort today, my GORGEOUS girl Lilliana. No bad, not perfect but not bad! Will see how I go tomorrow - I think Jere is going to be the hard challenge!

Take Care



Shan said...

I think it looks perfect Lisa....she is so beautiful :)

Celestev said...

Might take you up on that challenge babe!!

Great photo, gorgeous kid!

Princess Tamara said...

Love that pic sweety - she looks so much like you sometimes!