Saturday, September 15, 2007


LOL - well if you have been at the LSBS cybercrop over the weekend, you will know why this one little word is sooooooo funny!

I played bingo, but I didn't register, and didn't have words, just kept jumping in the thread and yelling "BINGO" then if that wasn't funny enough ( for me anyway) I decided that the chat thread needed a bit of bingo action! LOrdy I was cracking myself up, sitting in front of the computer spitting over the screen.

Poor Kerryn was having an asthma attack from laughing, but that is her fault cause she totally encouraged me :)

Anyway, you still have till monday night to upload for any of the challenges, Cath has some awesome prizes and if you are a newby tell them Lisa sent ya! cause then we might both get a prize! LOL!

So another photo, didn't take any today, too tired and I also spent half of it having coffee with mum and A. Sylv , belle and yaz. Lots of FUN! Nothing like bacon and eggs at 11am for brekie.

This one is of Liv, just like it really???? Not so sure why, started playing with lighting effects in photoshop and I am loving it :)
Anyway, off to cause havoc and yell some more BINGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Tara said...

was his name-oh

Narelle said...

You are too funny Miss Lisa and alos way too Norty!!

Got me in trouble too! LOL!!

Buy hey- what the heck..... BINGO!

Scrapsister said...

ROFL...still wheezing :)

Bon said...

You were a hoot Lisa, was laughing right along with you.