Thursday, September 27, 2007

We are the MARINERS!!!!!!!!

the mighty mighty mariners "la la la la" ( I don't know the rest!)
We have sooo loved the A -league soccer this year, even better with membership passes!
Here are some photo's of the kids before the game on the weekend, so cute! Justin even bought me a mariners shirt at the game, very very cool!
Thanksfully we won, with no help from the Ref, he was shocking! So we are still on top of the table for another week :)
In other news, I feel like my life is going fast forward! It always starts reving up around this time, classes, step by steps, DT stuff and a new spot with a wholesaler, not sure if I am allowed to spill who yet - better find out huh! Lots of fun, but not much housework done!
Poor Liv was finally diagnosed with asthma this week, so we are on ventoin and are going to an asthma clinic next week for assesment and a treatment plan :( Oh well, least I know why she has been coughing for three months!

anyway, hope this makes you happy Kerryn, updated just for YOU!

Love Lisa



helenj said...

Go the Mariners!!!!!!
whoever they are????? lol

Tash Allen said...

lol Helen :) that's what I thought. love the photos.... cuties. and yep come on spill the beans on the wholesaler... I am itching to know :)

Scrapsister said...

Hehe very happy Lisa :) Poor Liv..hope she is on the mend soon. ROFL @ Helen...we are Qld Roar supporters in this household..have you tried to scrap orange and blue?? :( ...and I want to know about the wholesaler now too LOL

Jasmine said...

The kids look great in their Mariners gear Lisa :)

Can't wait till you can spill the beans on your wholesaler DT spot - congratulations!!!

Shan said...

They all look so cute in their Mariners gear Lisa...where is the photo of the yummy mummy in her shirt? Hope Liv is feeling better now :)

Wirginia said...

LOL love the photos of the kids in their Mariners gear.

I'm following Kerryn's orders and visiting blogs tonight. Looking good Lisa. You have gorgeous kids girl! And what's with this thing called housework? Mmmwaaahhh. It'll still be there tomorrow I say LOL.