Monday, September 17, 2007

another monday

The weekend just goes toooo quick. Kids are back to school and there is one hundred things to do around the house, but I can't be bothered to do any of them!

Kris ( my little bro) rang last night from London, nice to have a chat and a laugh ( and a talk to ruby). He is busy with Muso stuff, which it totally cool, you can check out his stuff here . Very groovey and lots of good reveiws etc etc etc, and plus he is my brother so he HAS to be cool! and if you thought I was naughty ( esp at bingo) Kris would be annoying everyone sooooooo much worse! He is the master at being funny/annoying when people are trying to be serious! LOVE IT!

Can't wait till they get here for Christmas. They will be here for my birthday so I am stoked! Also for Ruby's Third birthday, so I am planning a little party for the birthday girl! **YAY**

um, what else????

We went to "hardly normal" aka Harvey Norman and bought a new oven, rangehood and dishwasher today! Very very excited as the oven in this house doesn't even work and it has been sooooo frustrating. So bring on chrissy cause I will be ready!

Sharing another photo ( of the girls again) looking cute, lilli being serious about having her photo taken and smiling and Liv being silly ( whish of course is normal!) Playing again in photoshop, thanks to Michelle for the chllenges over at LSBS


Tara said...

Doesn't it just fly by!

kris said...

hi sis - was so nice to catch up on the phone and can't wait to see you and hang out and have fun and be stoopid. ruby is going to love hanging with her cousins so much. its going to be a BLAST to the power of one million.

ps hello to all the scrapbooking birds. my sister is the bomb.