Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Ruby Girl

This is a post for my gorgeous neice RUBY!!!!!!!!

Love you baby girl ( actually big girl) can't wait till you are here at christmas.

Lovey is soooooo excited, so are we.

yep, been tagged yonks ago by tash ( who should be in my links but isn't) will sort that out shortly! So I am a rockin girl blogger! AWESOME Now I have to tag five people, so they are Helen, PT, AT, CAth ( would you update pleeeease) and um Celeste, though she has probably been tagged already. So my lovies you just need to copy the blinkie thingy and tag another 5 rockin girl bloggers!


Anonymous said...

Incredibly good looking kids - I think I know why - love the NANX

Tash Allen said...

you're telling me I'M NOT IN YOUR LINKS??!!! :( LOL. glad you remembered the tag