Sunday, September 09, 2007

copyright issues :(

A little share before I start! This is the gorgeous album I taught recently for Cath at the LSBS Retreat, cute hey?? It is sitting proudly on my mantle and it makes my smile everytime I lok at it! Onto the other stuff .........

**sigh** I can never understand why people CHOOSE to use someone elses work and pass it as their own, it always makes me mad and some times even a little cranky ( some times a lot!)

Not to long ago an "unnamed site" decided it would be smart to copy and paste a number of my step by step projects that I had designed exclusivly for LSBS they even had used the pictures of my children for goodness sake! Talk about cranky! Thankfully that was all sorted rather quickly ( as is what happens when legal action is threatened), and I have gone on my merry little way, not thinking that it would happen again. I am no Ali Edwards.

So I was suprised to find something else today that looks remarkably like my work, on another site. There is no reference to where they got their inspiration, and that is all I want, someone to write a little line " inspiration for this project is from ........" It is the polite thing don't you think?? It is only the outside of the project that is the same, but the inside is quite similar to a very very good friend of mines work. **another sigh** I just don't know, where is the line?? Why is it so hard to credit the original artist?

anyway, onto happier things!

WE had an awesome time with our friends tosay after church, we were meant to be going on a picnic but ut was raining so we ended up with 23 people for lunch at our house! 13 kids!! OMGoodness we had fun, sitting infront of the fire, laughing and carrying on, everyone left at about 6.30pm so I guess you could say the afternoon was a sucess!

anyway, hope you all had a good one!

Love Lisa


Princess Tamara said...

Big hugs babe ... yours will always be the original and the best!

I SO love your new bog header ... it looks great! Reminds me I need to do something with mine.

helenj said...

It just shows how much of a legend you are that someone needs to copy........
I love your new "BOG HEADER" too!
PT you are a

Anonymous said...

Big Cuddles! That sucks that someone would copy your Step by Step complete with photos of your own children! I'd be pissed too. Glad it got worked out tho.

Loving your new Header! Very cool :o)